Virtual School

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Virtual School Contacts

Students from PLR who chose virtual learning now attend Virtual Elementary North (VEN). Any questions or concerns regarding students attending virtual school should be directed to VEN. PLR will continue to be your child's home school for in-person learning should you choose to switch back at the next re-entry point (November 30th). Here is the contact information for VEN:


Phone: 905-631-6307

Tech Support

Are you a virtual school student or parent experiencing technical difficulties? Try these steps:
1) Tell your teacher - they might be able to help you

2) Explore the HDSB Tech Tips website to see if you can find a solution

3) Submit a request to HDSB technical support by completing this form:

Borrowing a Device

Does your PLR child attending Virtual Elementary North need a technology device? Families are asked to first problem-solve technology access as a family, and then, if there is financial need, complete this form to submit a request to borrow a device:

Switching to/from Virtual School

The next opportunity to switch between in-person and virtual learning will take place in February. Look for an email from HDSB at the end of January for more information. Students are expected to continue in their current learning model until the next switch opportunity.