Grade 8 to 9 Transition

Milton South West #1 High School

Milton South West #1 (official name TBD) is the home secondary school for PLR graduates in the English stream who live south of Derry Road.

Craig Kielberger Secondary School

Craig Kielburger is the French Immersion secondary school for PLR graduates. The International Baccalaureate program is offered at CKSS (see below).

Milton District High School

Milton District is the secondary school for students who live north of Derry Road and travel to PLR by bus. The Advanced Placement program is offered at MDHS (see below).

International Baccalaureate Programme at CKSS

Advanced Placement at MDHS

I-STEM at Aldershot School

Note: I-Stem is coming to Milton Southwest #1 in 2022

Ready, Set, Whoa!

Parents can support their teens to thrive, not just survive, the transition to high school. Learn about the information and resources to help you support your teen’s journey through the next stage of life.