School Closure Information

Frequently Asked Questions

The board has compiled frequently asked questions to help address concerns from families and staff. This resource will be updated on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available. If you have a question that is not on the list, please email

Summer Food Boxes

Students/families interested in the summer food boxes can call Halton Food for Thought confidential lines at 905-315-6842 or email Halton Food for Thought at

Other Supports During Covid-19

If a PLR family or student has other needs during Covid-19, such as for clothing, toiletries, or wellness supports, please contact an educator or message Mr. McCarthy, Mlle Farquhar or Ms. Hanmer directly. We do have access to some additional resources during this time.

Paramount Fine Foods

Mr. Ali, the owner of Paramount Milton, is offering meal support for families. His restaurant is helping up to 5 families per day and you simply need to call the restaurant and request to be part of the program. Their staff will take care of the rest! Here's a brief outline of the process:

1. Families in need call Paramount location (289 851 8883) and request the support.

2. If there is space available that day, the family provides a reference number to ID the order (can be any number 57, 23, etc.).

3. The person calling advises how many people and restaurant staff will share what they are offering that day (all Halal and veg options available).

4. Pick up at the store using number ID.