PLR Learn@Home Resources

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PLR Learn@Home is under construction.

HDSB Student Learning Outside the Classroom

A Twitter feed dedicated to online learning resources for HDSB families during school closure. Daily activities for students will be posted in the subject areas of literacy, math, outdoor education, English as a second language, French, Science & Technology, and Kindergarten.

Follow @HDSBKidsLearn on Twitter, click the link below, or simply scroll through the embedded feed at right.

Elementary Internet Tools

Ideas for families on how to use HDSB's Elementary Internet Tools at home. Thanks to River Oaks P. S. for creating this helpful video.

HDSB Online Learning Resources

HDSB-supported resources to support student learning outside the classroom.

Google Classroom

Some (but not all) of our teachers use Google Classroom. Here is a handy guide for parents to help you understand how to navigate Google Classroom with your child.

Learn at Home

From the Government of Ontario: "Find supplementary resources for elementary and secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home."